I'm a multidisciplinary designer dedicated to creating vibrant, purposeful and empathetic design that inspires and delights. 
I specialise in brand identity, packaging, UX/UI front-end web and app design.
Brand identity/logo design
Front-end website and app design
Packaging and product design
Editorial layout and publication design
Vector illustration
Kind Words

"Libby is great! She has a real balance between executing our vision and providing fresh perspectives and guidance from her deep design experience. We started working with Libby to “make everything we do look better” I really didn’t think we would get to where we are, she has blown my expectations away. Work with Libby and you will not be disappointed."
Nick Sinclair
Former Global Marketing Manager at Montoux

"I've been fortunate to have worked with Libby since May 2019. She's professional across her communication and work. Incredibly flexible and adaptable as a UX Designer. Will always add value to the work, yet happy to work within a collaborative environment if needed. I've worked with Libby across a range of projects and the output is always fantastic"
Cath Carlsen
COO at Powered By Flossie